William James

working class poetry // punk rock performance

photo courtesy of    lauren elma frament

photo courtesy of lauren elma frament

William James is a poet, aging punk, and train enthusiast from Manchester, NH. He's the author of "rebel hearts & restless ghosts" (Timber Mouse Publishing) and the founding editor of Beech Street Review. His work has been published in literary journals, punk zines, and the occasional vinyl LP. You can find him online on Twitter (@thebilljim) or at http://www.williamjamespoetry.com



select published work//

Gravel (2018)
[everywhere, everywhere i turn, hyperbole]
     [a gray squirrel dances on a telephone wire]
[we can give it whatever name we want, but a river]

Forklift, Ohio (forthcoming)
[it rains in Manchester & the streets]
     [where I live now, colors are exploding everywhere]

OPOSSUM (forthcoming)
[last night i plucked seven grey hairs]

Rabble Lit (2018)
     I Can Tell You How My Father Has Never Gone To War   

Pressure Gauge (2018)
Still Life w. Spent Shell Casing
     Self Portrait As Ghost Chant Hidden By Trees
     Self Portrait As Tempest With Stage Lighting

Five:2:One (2017)
Deconstruction // [six devils buried]
     Deconstruction // [searched for meaning in the ordinary]
     Deconstruction // [my bones are tired & unclean]
     Deconstruction // [so we harnessed the power]
     Deconstruction // [& you will know the wolves are hungry]     

Vending Machine Press (2017)
Deconstruction // [the sun shouts at us in tongues]
     Deconstruction // [i've been the pauper cocooned]
     Deconstruction // [if tomorrow the whole world]
     Deconstruction // [all day long they carried]
     Deconstruction // [love, make me brighter than the falling]     

Kettle Blue Review (2017)
Deconstruction // [rearranging the patterns]     

Firefly Magazine (2017)
Still Life w. Stacked Produce

Noble Gas Quarterly (2016)
     For Lack Of Sleep I Will Surely Perish
     We Built A Fire High As Babel    

Stirring (2016)
     Benediction of the Unpaid Rent  

Tinderbox (2016)
     Trailer Court Crier   

Fourth & Sycamore (2016)
     Deer Creek Rising
     Aftermath II
     Deluge Monologue

Softblow (2015)

Nightblock (2015)

Split Lip Magazine (2015)
     Deer Creek, Revisited
     In the Summer of the Great Flood   

Maps For Teeth (2015)
     Season of the Clean Kill
     July 19, 1996
     For Ethyl, Lot 12


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