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Nov. 11, 2015

POETRY REJECTION #89/100: Lunch Ticket

Dear William, 

Lunch Ticket receives a number of excellent submissions each reading period, and while yours is one of them, it was not chosen for the upcoming issue. This is not a reflection on your work or on your worth as a writer. Our direction for the next issue of Lunch Ticket was simply different than the vision of your work. 

Rejections are never easy—for you the writer, or for us, the editors. But as we both know, they are part of being a writer. We are sorry that we weren't the right market for three poems, but we know that there is another market waiting for you, and to them, this piece is exactly perfect. We hope you know that this letter doesn't mean "no forever", and we hope you will submit to Lunch Ticket again. 

Best of luck, and take good care, 

The Editors of Lunch Ticket 

  (rejection streak since last acceptance: 8)

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