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Dec. 17, 2015

POETRY REJECTION #98/100: Sharkpack Poetry Review

Dear William James, 

Thank you for sending us "Five Poems"—we're sorry we aren't able to find a place for it in the SPR ANNUAL. 

Our assistant editor found quite a bit to comment on here, Will: 'This is a poet who is beckoned by the Duende, and should he keep reading, keep writing, keep following that dark-winged moth . . . some majestic bird of prey will rise from it.' She also suggested that too many of the poems may 'draw substance' from pain, limiting the language to that medium's (common) phraseology. It's a fair point—that one must draw from pain at its source, which is always churning, changing color, never resigned to a burnt-out well. We look forward to hearing from you again. 

Our staff is humbled by the chance to read and reflect on your poetry. Please consider submitting again during our next reading period. 

Joseph Spece 

SHARKPACK Poetry Review

(rejection streak: 18)

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