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Dec. 7, 2015 - rebel hearts & other news

I recently learned that my first book rebel hearts & restless ghosts has experienced some delays on the print end - the Timber Mouse crew sent in a proof to the printer, and we found some minor errors; unfortunately, we won't be able to get them fixed until next week, which sadly means that the anticipated release date of Dec. 18th won't likely be happening. I suppose it's a plus in a way, in that it means I won't be foolishly trying to schedule a book release party on the same night that the new Star Wars comes out. (By the way, who's trying to get their Episode VII on? I was skeptical at first, but the trailers look so good!)

SInce the print date for rh&rg has been pushed back, I've decided to extend the preorder sale through the end of this month. As long as the year is still 2015, you can preorder a signed copy of the book for only $12 - $3 off the cover price - PLUS FREE SHIPPING! Also, all preorders received by 12/31 will be entered into a drawing to win a vinyl copy of the album "Witness" by Modern Life Is War, from my own personal collection. You can preorder the book HERE if you're so inclined. If you've already ordered your copy, maybe you could help spread the word a bit? Pass along the link to a friend, someone you think might dig the work?

Recently the goodly folks at Pankhearst gave me the opportunity to answer the question "Who the fuck is William James?" as well as a few other inquisitions. I swore quite a bit, and came off like a somewhat loveable curmudgeon (I hope) & you can read the whole thing over yonder at THIS LINK

Mostly on this blog, I just repost my rejection letters, but a few poems of mine have found their way onto the internet recently as well. Here's a round-up of some places you can read some newer poems of mine:

Of course, you can always click HERE for a full, mostly-complete list of places my poems have made an appearance this year.

There'll be a proper release show for rebel hearts & restless ghosts in the near future. I'm not gonna schedule it until I have copies of the book in my hands, but I promise it'll be a party. Some friends, both old & new, have already promised to be a part of it...no spoilers yet, but keep yr ears & eyes peeled...


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