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10.5.16 // NEW! RADIANT! ACTION!

I recently had a suite of poems from my flood series published over at Fourth & Sycamore. This is a really great journal run by the folks at the Greenville Public Library in Greenville, OH; I was first turned on to it when my pal Jeremy Radin had some work from his "Dear Sal" series published, and I'm thrilled to have joined their ranks. Someone I don't know apparently commented that the last poem in my suite "reminds [him] of a psalm from the Old Testament" which might even make my father proud. If you haven't yet read them, perhaps you'd do me the kindness of taking a look?

I was co-featured as Poet of the Week over at The Odyssey a couple days ago. It was my privilege to share the spotlight with Nathan Say...we both had sort of different, but also a lot the same answers to the same questions. Give it a read here if you like - I promise I wasn't TOO grouchy.

On the "What's BillJim Reading These Days" front, I've been working my way through Matt Hart's new double feature, "Radiant Action" (H_NGM_N Books) and "Radiant Companion" (Monster House Press) which has been having the effect of making me reallyholyshitexcited about writing poems again. So I'm doing just that. I hope whatever you've been reading has lightning-bolted you into making something gorgeous happen.


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