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Mar. 19, 2016 // up.date

Now that everything has been set & confirmed, I can finally get around to announcing this: I'll be featuring this summer at the legendary Green Mill, the birthplace of the poetry slam. Of course I'm taking the train. I'm hoping to put together a couple more shows to supplement this trip...nothing set in stone yet, but a few things are in the works. I do have a couple other readings happening in the near future - more about those here. 

I've finally managed to update this here website with some of my more recent publications, as well as adding a few videos from my rebel hearts & restless ghosts book release show last month. You can click the TEXT or MEDIA links to your left (or in the drop-down menu, if you're reading this on a phone) to see all of that.

Right now, my workshop students are discussing in depth this wonderful poem from the latest issue of Sundog Lit. I highly recommend giving it a read, as well as the rest of the issue (and not just because I have a poem in the contents).



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