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In case you didn't know it, April marks another National Poetry Month here in the Ol' U-S-of-A. If you're connected to even a single poet on any form of social media, you knew this already. Much like I have in year's past, I'm endeavoring once more to write a new poem every day this month. This time around, I'm exclusively writing deconstructions - this is where I take lyrics to some of my favorite records, reorder them alphabetically, and write entirely new work using only the words that appear in front of me. I've written deconstruction poems as part of my 30/30 in the past, but never dedicated an entire month to just that form. Here's hoping for a successful finish.

I'm already a day behind, but I thought since I'm writing poems using album lyrics, it might be fun to provide y'all with a chance to check out the source material if/when you're unfamiliar with it. I'll do a couple catch-up posts to get us all on track, and then will continue to post here, on this blog, every day with a convenient YouTube video when possible.

How about you? Are you writing poems this month? If we're friends on Facebook, please feel free to tag me when you post them! I'd love to read along.

Best of luck to y'all! Happy National Poetry Month! Let's make it a great one.


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