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NATIONAL POETRY MONTH | 30poems//30days | 5.30

When I told my partner I'd finished my poem for today, she replied "Oh, cool! What's this one about?" To which I responded "Uh...religion? I think?" Since the very first deconstruction poem I ever wrote (you can read that one here) I've never actually known what any of these poems were going to be about, sometimes even after I've written them. Sometimes I think I know...usually the poem proves me wrong. I once did a deconstruction of a Bane album in which the first line - one I eventually threw away after realizing it was going nowhere - was "I WANT TO SEE SOME FUCKING BUTTERFLIES!" One thing I've learned: if I think I know where a deconstruction is taking me, I don't.

Today's poem takes its source text from a record that's probably on my all-time 'desert island' list. Lyrically, it's a series of micro-essays on time, and its controlling effects on humanity. I'd encourage you to actually seek out the lyrics to this one (after you read my poem, of course) and give them a read. 

POEM: http://www.williamjamespoetry.com/napowrimo2016
PASSWORD: "3030deconstruct"

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