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6.24.16 // Utah Arts Fest, Day One

Holy crap, am I terrible at keeping up to date with blogs. The worst...anyway...

I'm currently in Salt Lake City, UT for the 40th annual Utah Arts Fest. Last year was such a blast that I had to come back & do it again. Arts Fest is easily one of my favorite events to be a part of, and I'm thrilled/honored/humbled to have been included for a second year. I'm reading this afternoon at 3:30 (Mountain Time) so if any of y'all happen to be in the area, it'd be great to see you in the crowd.

In other news, I started a poetry journal. It's called Beech Street Review. We're reading for our first issue until July 31st. Hopefully I see some of you in the inbox.

I'm gonna try really hard to post some actual updates from Arts Fest. Maybe even do more than one blog post in a month. In the mean time, here's a pretty picture of a sunset, taken from the window of a plane.

Until next time,


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