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2.1.17 // Reading list, January 2017


One of my goals this year is to maintain a reading log of every book I read. It's also a convenient excuse to use this pretty sweet pocket notebook from Zeb Love - hand crafted, using test prints from his various screen printing projects. These books are one of a kind, so you can't have the one in this picture, but you CAN buy a 3-pack of your own here!


  • "Notes on the End of the World"  (Meghan Privitello, poetry)
  • "Gun, with Occasional Music"  (Jonathan Lethem, fiction) 
  • "Mother Night"  (Kurt Vonnegut, fiction) 
  • "Deadeye Dick"  (Kurt Vonnegut, fiction) 
  • "Hocus Pocus"  (Kurt Vonnegut, fiction) 
  • "The Argonauts"  (Maggie Nelson, memoir/criticism) 
  • "Bright Dead Things"  (Ada Limón, poetry) 
  • "Bad Feminist" (Roxane Gay, essays) 
  • "Jane: A Murder"  (Maggie Nelson, poetry/memoir) 
  • "The Long Patrol"  (Brian Jacques, fiction) 
  • "Triss"  (Brian Jacques, fiction) 
  • "The Spitboy Rule"  (Michelle Cruz Gonzales, memoir) 


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