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3.1.17 // Reading list, February 2017


 A bit of an inversion from January, where I read mostly fiction, memoir, or essay, my February was almost entirely poetry. Not anything to complain about, good heavens, no! But I did discover a couple of new-to-me authors whose other works I'm already eager to devour. About half of this list was my first time reading, the rest were revisiting works I'd read before, and still love.


  • "Collected Poems"  (Jack Gilbert, poetry)
  • "Blood Dazzler"  (Patricia Smith, poetry) 
  • "Kingdom Animalia"  (Aracelis Girmay, poetry) 
  • "How Her Spirit Got Out"  (Krysten Hill, poetry) 
  • "Hum"  (Jamaal May, poetry) 
  • "Black Movie"  (Danez Smith, poetry) 
  • "The Homeboy Songs"  (Robert Lashley, poetry) 
  • "Incendiary Art"  (Patricia Smith, poetry)
  • "Prelude to Bruise"  (Saeed Jones, poetry) 
  • "The Sellout"  (Paul Beatty, fiction) 
  • "John Henry Days"  (Coleson Whitehead, fiction) 

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