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4.3.17 // Reading List, March 2017


  Over the years, one of the most frustrating poets for me to read has been Dean Young. I absolutely enjoy his work, but it is obtuse as hell, and every time I've tried to read a full book of his in the past, I've ended up quitting some portion of the way through. Other titles have languished on my bookshelf unread for years; for my March reading, I decided to challenge myself by reading every Dean Young poetry collection I own, in chronological order. Beyond that, I read some more fiction, and revisited a non-fiction title I haven't read in years. Enough exposition though - here's the list. 


  • "Black Aperture"  (Matt Rasmussen, poetry) 
  •  "The Brief, Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao"  (Junot Diaz, fiction)
  • "Skid"  (Dean Young, poetry) 
  • "Elegy on Toy Piano"  (Dean Young, poetry) 
  • "Embryoyo"  (Dean Young, poetry) 
  • "Primitive Mentor"  (Dean Young, poetry) 
  • "Fall Higher"  (Dean Young, poetry) 
  • "Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers"  (Mary Roach, non-fiction) 
  • "Stone Mattress"  (Margaret Atwood, short stories) 
  • "Trances of the Blast"  (Mary Ruefle, poetry) 
  • "The Intuitionist"  (Coleson Whitehead, fiction) 
  • "Rabbit Cake"  (Annie Hartnett, fiction)
  • "Pelican"  (Emily O'Neill, poetry) 
  • "Blood Song"  (Michael Schmeltzer, poetry) 

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