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5.01.17 // Reading List, April 2017


As evidenced by the annual publication of yet another "Is Poetry Dead?" article in a major newspaper, this past month was National Poetry Month. As such, other than finishing up a novel I had started in late March, I spent all of April catching up on my backlog of poetry collections. Turns out that over the past few months, even not trying to, I've read significantly more poetry than I have any other genre; turns out that even if you take the poet away from poetry,  you can't take the poetry out of the poet. Anyway. Without further ado, here's what I read in April: 


  •  "Zone One"  (Coleson Whitehead, fiction)
  • "Litany for the City"  (Ryan Teitman, poetry) 
  • "Garbage"  (A.R. Ammons, poetry) 
  • "Pecking Order"  (Nicole Homer, poetry) 
  • "Up South"  (Robert Lashley, poetry) 
  • "Right Now More Than Ever"  (Nate Pritts, poetry) 
  • "Debacle Debacle"  (Matt Hart, poetry) 
  • "Wine For A Shotgun"  (Marty McConnell, poetry) 
  • "Oh God Get Out Get Out"  (Bill Moran, poetry) 
  • "The Chambermaid's Style Guide"  (Angelique Palmer, poetry) 
  • "Dread"  (Ai, poetry) 
  • "The Virginia State Colony For Epileptics and Feebleminded"  (Molly McCulley Brown, poetry) 
  • "Colonies"  (Tomasz Różycki, poetry/translation by Mira Rosenthal)

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