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poet. aging punk. ferroequinologist.

Timber Mouse Publishing paperback, 8.5"x 5.5"| 90 pages ISBN 9780989009232    Timber Mouse Publishing  |  Powell's  |  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Deathwish Inc.

Timber Mouse Publishing
paperback, 8.5"x 5.5"| 90 pages
ISBN 9780989009232

Timber Mouse Publishing | Powell's | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Deathwish Inc.

Six years in the making, “rebel hearts & restless ghosts” is a book born of the mosh pit, the rust belt, the hardened soil of small town Pennsylvania. Inspired both by the isolation of rural living, and the community found in punk rock & hardcore, this first collection is filled with poems that had to first learn to scream before they could whisper, poems that tried their best to run before they could crawl.

ADVANCE PRAISE FOR rebel hearts & restless ghosts

"This just in: Man plays chicken with a forty-ton freight train and wins. William James writes with his feet between the rails, facing down the hulking cargo of his history. The human head is all-to-often forty hollerin’ tons of steel and BillJim has learned to halt it with nothing but paper. His words, the sound of screaming brakes, of basement hardcore shows, of twenty dead kids sucking life straight out of a microphone. Urgent, incessant, pretty, and pretty ugly all in one, what you have here is an instruction manual: how to stare the freight train of your gloom into a full stop, shake hands with the train driver, and walk away in one piece. Let’s get to work." – Bill Moran


“The poems in this collection were not written down.

They were forged from ores pulled from the ground by men with dirt under their nails & muscles like cables under the skin. They are a thousand rust belt dreams melted down & remolded into a new kind of Hope. These poems were shaped against anvils in dying steel towns. They were worked & filed & ground in a shower of sparks that leaves marks on the skin. These poems know that a little surface rust can sometimes protect what is underneath.

These poems still hold the fire of their creation in their cores.
These poems are harder than the tools that made them.

William James is a blacksmith poet.

This is the highest complement I can give a fellow writer.” – Bill Macmillan


“In rebel hearts and restless ghosts, William James kicks in the door and drags us by the collar through the underground. Through the sweat, and blood-stained walls, and an avalanche of sound and screaming. During it all, we are called to remember the names of those lost, and the names of those still here. This is a stunning collection of work that speaks, most clearly, for all the hearts still beating.” – Hanif Willis-Abdurraquib, The Crown Ain't Worth Much

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