William James

working class poetry // punk rock performance

select published work//

Pressure Gauge (2018)
Still Life w. Spent Shell Casing
     Self Portrait As Ghost Chant Hidden By Trees
     Self Portrait As Tempest With Stage Lighting

Firefly Magazine (2017)

Kettle Blue Review (2017)
[rearranging the patterns]

Forklift, Ohio (2017)
[our crops have all gone to dust]
     [i'll rest when the oceans do]

Five:2:One Magazine #thesideshow (2017)
     [my bones are tired and unclean]
     [searched for meaning in the ordinary]
     [six devils buried under a burning flag]
     [so we harness the power of baptism]
     [& you will know the wolves are hungry]

Vending Machine Press (2017)
  [all day long they carried]
     [if tomorrow, the whole world]
     [i've been the pauper cocooned]
     [love make me brighter than the falling]
     [the sun shouts at us in tongues]

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